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Experience alone isn’t what sets Western Investigation apart as a Utah Private Investigator. When considering a private investigator it’s important to factor in their industry knowledge, investigative expertise and the private investigator’s ability to articulate an investigation approach in a way that makes sense and will accomplish the case objectives.  At the end of the day, the role of the private investigator is to produce evidence which will answer questions and/or accomplish legal objectives. At Western Investigations, we never forget our purpose.  

One of the factors which sets our firm apart is the respect we hold for our clients. As the client, you should not be left in the dark. The client’s understanding of the background circumstances on the case is what enables our office to construct the right investigative approach. At Western Investigations, we consider our clients to be our most valuable investigative resource. We provide regular feedback to our clients throughout the course of the investigations and this feedback often leads to a redirection of our approach. 

It all starts with the initial consultation.  Call today.  Call Now!  Whether your case involves surveillance, statement taking, family law, infidelity, a background investigation, locating a missing person… or something completely different with unique circumstances.  Give us a call today. You’ll speak with our owner, Patrick Schneemann.  He’ll take the time to listen closely to your case circumstances and objectives and provide you with a clear understanding of the investigative approach and realistic expectations regarding the outcome. 

Take a moment to call now and find out why Western Investigations has become Utah’s most respected private investigation firm.

Our Services



Western Investigations has been specializing in Utah surveillance cases for more than 25 years. We are experienced, discrete, and detailed. Call us today and find out why. 


Infidelity Investigations

At the end of the day… You need to know the truth!  We provide answers you really need to know. We are respectful and understand the sensitive nature of cheating spouse cases.  


Family Law Investigations

When you need evidence to strengthen your case for child custody, proof of cohabitation or to document the existence of hidden assets and income, we will get you proof.

Workers' Comp

Workers' Compensation Investigations

Insurance Companies, 3rd Party Administrators and Self Insured Employers in the State of Utah have been relying on Western Investigations for more than 2 decades. Surveillance and statement taking investigations get our client’s the answers and evidence they need to limit their liability.

Witness Statements

Witness Statements

We are skilled and experienced in conducting witness interviews for a wide variety of investigations. We take recorded and written witness statements.  Our Utah Private Investigators ask the right questions and ask those questions in the right way.  Our reports are professional and well written. We provide a fair summary of what the witness has to offer and what kind of witness they would make at trial.

Background Investigations

Background Investigations

We provide backgrounds for both individuals and Due Diligence Backgrounds on Corporations. We are thorough and detailed and our client’s receive an accurate depiction of the person or corporation hiding behind the “mask.” Call us today and learn more about our process.


Locate Services - Finding Missing Persons

Missing Persons: As licensed Utah private investigator we know how to find people.  We have access to database searches provided to Law Enforcement and Licensed Private Investigators only.  Our access to proprietary information providers combined with our ability to get feet on the ground throughout the state of Utah provides our clients with a high rate of success in finding people.

Man touching shoulder of uncomfortable woman co-worker

Sexual Harassment Investigations

Only an experienced Utah Private Investigator who is properly trained should handle these sensitive investigations. We handle these investigations with respect and fairness to all sides.  Employers can have peace of mind knowing they hired an unbiased professional find the truth and resolve the issue.

Asset Searches

Asset Searches

We find hidden assets. Our searches can locate liquid assets in bank accounts as well as investments. Western Investigations can also locate hard assets such as property, businesses and corporations, insurance claims, aircraft, vessels and much more.  Give us a call today and we’ll take the time to explain this service.


Our purpose in creating this website is not only to encourage you to give us a call, but also to provide you with important information on how private investigations in Utah should work. On that note, we’d like to take a moment to familiarize you with something anyone in the market for a Private Investigator in Utah should be familiar with… It’s called The Investigation Process – It’s the all important step by step procedures that should be followed when someone in Utah seeks to hire a private investigator.

1) Diagnosing Before Prescribing

Before anything else, the Utah Private Investigator should take the time to listen closely to your precise investigative needs. The private investigator should provide you with adequate time to explain the specific circumstances of case and pay close attention to your exact objectives. Far too many private investigators fail to adequately listen and diagnose before providing a misguided useless prescription. The Utah Private Investigator should take the time not only listen, but offer follow-up questions and your goals and circumstances back to you in order to insure they have a clear understanding.

2) Clearly Explaining the Investigative Approach

After gaining a clear understanding of your circumstances and goals, the private detective in Utah should outline the investigative strategy… or as we call it… “The Investigative Approach” which will be used on the case for the purpose of accomplishing your objectives. Private Investigation work should never seem overly complex and confusing when the being explained by a licensed Utah Private Investigator. Private detective work is not rocket surgery or brain science (just want to make sure you’re paying attention). Having said that, PI work also requires experience, comprehensive knowledge and a certain level of expertise of what strategies work and what evidence is admissible if the case goes to trial. The investigator should be able to articulate the investigative approach in a clear and concise manner and in a way that makes sense to you, the customer.

3) Exact Price Quote and No Billing Surprises

Experienced Utah Private Investigators not only want their clients to feel satisfied with the strategy being employed, but also the the cost of the investigation. Happy customers lead to repeat customers and, therefore, both parties have a vested interest in fair and reasonable pricing with no billing surprises. All investigative charges and potential charges should be laid out ahead of time and addressed both verbally and in writing. Items such as the the hourly rate, flat rate, mileage rate, travel time charges, report writing charges, and all potential expenses should all be addressed at the onset of the investigation and documented within a contract or Letter of Engagement.

4) Under Promise and Over Deliver

Dealing with a licensed private investigator in Utah should never feel like buying a used car. The investigations business can be challenging. There are times when the goals of the investigation are not accomplished. That’s why it’s important that anyone seeking the services of a Utah Private Investigator use extreme caution with anyone who guarantees results. It’s extremely rare for a investigator to be able to ethically guarantee the outcome of an investigation. Private Investigators cannot control what evidence exists… Private Investigators cannot control the free will of the person they are following. Private Investigators cannot control the extent of a person’s criminal history or where they may have moved to. For these reasons, a Utah Private Investigator should almost never guarantee the results of any investigation. A Private Investigator can guarantee a client’s confidentiality. That is within our control. A Utah PI can also can control what he or she does. The Private Investigator can guarantee that they will do what they say they are going to do. They can guarantee they will execute the plan that’s been put in place. The results, on the other hand, are typically out of our control. Our “product” as professional private investigators is not simply the end results of the investigation, but also the private investigators experience, ability to observe and report and the proprietary databases and information we have access to.



Welcome to Western Investigations Website. As a Utah Private Investigator we have been providing our customers with high quality investigative services for more than 20 years. Western Investigations is licensed throughout the entire state of Utah. From St. George in Southern Utah to Logan, Utah in the North, all the way to Vernal in the East part of the state, Western Investigations has been servicing the needs of our clients on a local basis for more than 20 years.

Call today 801-384-0250 or toll free 800-508-6028

Ask to speak to our owner, Patrick R. Schneemann. Mr. Schneemann has been a licensed private investigator since 1996. During his 25 years in the industry, he’s helped countless clients with in unique situations. Chances are he’s handle a case just like yours. Call him today. You’ll find that he will take the time to listen to your needs and give you a clear idea of the precise investigative approach needed to accomplish your objectives. And… let you know exactly what everything will cost.

Although we specialize in Surveillance investigations, our extensive experience within the investigations industry allows us to offer our clients a wide variety of services which can be adapted to meet the needs of our clients. We conduct Family Law Cases, Infidelity, Child Custody, and Spousal Support Investigations. We have a unique approach to proving Co-Habitation. We also conduct high quality Background Checks, Locate Investigations, Workers’ Compensation Investigations, Witness Locates, Witness Statements, Under-Cover Assignments, Sexual Harassment Cases and many others…

Find out for yourself. Give us a call today and explain your case. We’ll let you know what can be done.


Western Investigations is a Statewide Private Detective Agency. Over the past 25 years, we’ve been able to establish a wide network of investigators throughout the state of Utah. Our office is located in Salt Lake City but we blanket the entire state. From St. George to Logan and from Vernal to Wendover, Western Investigations can handle the assignment. Our clients are billed locally because our service is local. We are familiar with the state. As Utah’s premier private investigation agency we get results.

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