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Private Investigations are all about information. If you’re searching for a St. George  private investigator, you’re likely in need of gathering information of one kind or another.  The problem is, it’s hard to know who to trust. There’s a lot at stake. 

You’ve come to the right place. Here at Western Investigations, we put ethical and professional private detectives at your service. We bring over two decades of private investigator experience to our clients, who often become repeat customers. Why? — because they know they can trust us with their information and trust us to gather information on their behalf. 

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When people go in search of a private detective in St. George, Utah  the situation almost always demands delicacy and privacy. When it comes to conducting an investigation, there are many things outside of our control… Your confidentiality is NOT one of them. Regardless of your case type, your confidentiality is guaranteed.  That’s 1 thing that does not fall outside our control.  First, family issues deserve the protection that privacy affords. Second, if someone does suspect a cheating spouse, compiling proof requires stealth. Our long experience as cheating spouse private investigators means we are experts at being circumspect as we confirm or disprove a client’s suspicions. 

We bring the same dedication to privacy to all our cases, whether they involve infidelity, locating someone who has been lost, running a background check or conducting surveillance. Clients entrusting us with secrets can feel relief in sharing their burdens, knowing they can rely on the professional ethics of any private detective Western Investigations provides. 


Our private investigators in St. George also earn trust by being reliable. Our clients always know what to expect from us and can predict what we’ll do. If we say we’ll call, we’ll call. If we promise delivery of information at a certain time, it will be there. If we quote a price, there will be no surprises. 

This predictability is vital to our clients. We know that people who need the services of a private detective, especially an infidelity private investigator, feel a sense of confusion and a loss of control. Being able to predict and rely on Western Investigations in St. George, UT helps our clients take back that control.


One of the building blocks of reliability is experience. The nature of investigations always includes some measure of unpredictability. Experience removes many of the variables involved. With over two decades of experience, as a St. George Private Investigator, we’ve seen pretty much every scenarios play out and this experience prepares us and gives our clients the best chance for success.  Our private investigators know how to read people and situations.

Our experience also makes us the best at what we do, not only in St. George, but in areas throughout Southern Utah.  We have all the investigative tools necessary to accomplish your aims and we know how to use them. Experience equals expertise in a Western Investigations private detective. Trusting in our experience lets our clients rest easier, knowing they’re in good hands. By putting your case is in the hands of experts, you won’t feel alone and overmatched any longer. 

Your mission is our mission.

Western Investigations is a family-owned company, which makes us particularly sensitive to the dynamics behind the cases our clients bring. Searching for a missing person or hiring an infidelity private investigator means stress for a family. Often it is a time of crisis where the results of our investigation will mark a turning point. Clients and their families often make far-reaching, life-changing decisions when given the information we uncover. Some of what we find may be difficult to face, but when a client hires us, it is with the mission of healing by way of truth. Understanding the courage it takes to consult us, we honor the client by never forgetting that a family is at stake and by taking on the client’s mission as our own.

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If you’re ready to hire a private investigator in St. George, Utah, we’re just a phone call away. If you still have doubts, rest easy. We offer free consultations with no commitment required.  Call Now! Someone will answer your call.  You’ll speak with a licensed private investigator in St. George who will listen as you describe your situation and will ask questions to make sure he or she understands it completely. It’s important to remember that everything discussed in the phone call is confidential so you shouldn’t be reticent about full disclosure. What you say will shape the advice the private detective will provide you.

Once the detective has a full understanding of your situation, you’ll be given a recommendation for action, including how we will handle your case in St. George, Utah. You’ll also get a quote. Ask all the questions you want. The private detective you reach will want to make sure you have everything you need to make a decision. If you need time to think, that’s fine, too. We feel confident that when you weigh your choices, you’ll decide to trust us with your case. Once you do, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing an experienced, local, ethical investigative professional is getting you the answers you deserve.

Private Investigator Services in St. George, Utah

Western Investigations is a full service detective agency.  We specialize in a wide variety of services and we also a creative and flexible approach to each case. When it comes to investigations in St. George, Utah, Western Investigations can handle the job.  Call us right now and find out for yourself.  


It’s important to understand that though these cases are typical, it doesn’t make them cookie cutter. The circumstances of every case are unique, and it’s important to make sure that a hired private investigator is a true specialist in the type of case you need resolved. At Western Investigations, this isn’t an issue.


Our surveillance expertise goes back to the establishment of Western Investigations. Our founder Patrick R. Schneemann began in the investigative industry as a surveillance investigator. He honed his skills for four years before starting the company. Twenty five years and thousands of surveillance cases later has made Western Investigations the leader in surveillance throughout Southern Utah and especially in St. George, Utah.

We have the means and skills to capture video and photographic evidence, using the right equipment for the right job. We also use tracking equipment when the situation calls for it. We furnish a CD copy of the evidence we collect as part of our fee. Clients aren’t charged extra. 

Our private investigators in St. George have a geographical advantage when conducting surveillance. A local St. George private investigator won’t get lost, knows the traffic patterns, and generally understands the surroundings. Local expertise lets the detective adapt to opportunities that are presented and know when something isn’t right.

Additionally, since Western Investigations has offices throughout Southern Utah, a wide-ranging surveillance investigation presents no obstacle either. 

Cheating Spouse Investigations

The notion that the person who promised to love and honor you is, instead, betraying you can be heart-wrenching. Some people want evidence before confronting a spouse. Others try sharing their suspicions, but aren’t convinced by denials. Whatever the scenario, a client needs facts. Armed with facts, a client can start to make wise decisions about the future. This is especially important where children are involved.Our cheating spouse private investigators will use surveillance to confirm or disprove infidelity. Detectives might also recommend tracking the suspect’s car with GPS. To begin the investigation, a private detective meets with a client to get to know the habits and schedule of the person to be investigated. The client and private investigator then together agree on a schedule for surveillance. This allows the investigator to surveil only at times when the suspect has the opportunity to cheat. Once the schedule is set, the client purchases a block of surveillance hours and the investigator gets to work. 

A private investigator may be an expert in surveillance, but the client is the expert on a spouse. For this reason, the private detective stays in contact with the client, including updates from the field. Collaborating this way gives the detective the best chance of a successful outcome, including obtaining the documentation clients need to resolve their situations.

Locate Investigations

Sometimes when people part, they cannot find their way back to one another. Years may pass with a person no closer to finding the one they’ve lost. Hiring a St. George private investigator can renew hope in your search. 

Some investigative firms let the computers do the searching. Here at Western Investigations, we use the computer as a tool and let the experts conduct the investigation. The process starts with gathering as much information as we can from the client. After that, the method is one of searching, analyzing and refining to find ever-narrowing information. The last step is the verification stage, where we confirm that we actually have found the missing person so that a client and lost loved one can be reunited at last.

Background Checks

Our background checks can be as complex or as simple as the client needs in order to achieve the objective. By customizing the search, we save the customer money while also concentrating on appropriate information for quality results.

General and Miscellaneous Investigations

With over two decades of experience, our private investigators in St. George, Utah can handle any kind of case a client might bring in. From witness statements to lifestyle checks, we are flexible and seasoned enough to tackle any job with the same professional and discreet approach our clients have come to expect from us in any of our specialties.

Give our detectives a call and let them show you how Western Investigations’ experience, commitment and customized approach gets results while giving you peace of mind.

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Western Investigations is your private investigator and we want a chance to earn your business.  Give us a call NOW and speak with a professional investigator in your area we will  give you the direction you are seeking.  Call Now!  – 801-384-0250

What sets Western Investigations Apart

Western Investigations is a full service private investigations firm.  Our company is staffed with local private investigators who are ready to respond to any request you might have for our services.  We pride ourselves in customer service and experience.  These are 2 attributes that set us apart from other private investigators in most all Utah areas.   

Customer Service:

One of the most common compliments we receive from customers is that we answer our phones.  We understand how important that is in business.  In the private detective business it’s even more important.  In most cases, our clients are extremely emotionally involved in the investigation.  Our customers need answers.  In those rare occasions that we cannot answer the phone, we will call you back.  Try us out right now.  Call 801-384-0250 and see if someone picks up the phone. 


Experience cannot be faked.  The private investigator knows what he or she is doing or they do not.  If you are in the market for a private investigator in this area, then give us a call.  It will become clear right away by listening to the realistic direction we give you that you are dealing with an agency who handles these kinds of cases on a regular basis.  Our surveillance investigators know how to handle their cameras and get video when others strike out.  Give us a call today and see for yourself. 

We understand that “talk is cheap”.  We want you to experience for yourself what sets Western Investigations apart from other private investigators in this area.  Call us NOW and see for yourself.   As private investigators, we do not keep regular hours.  Call now (801) 384-0250 and we’ll surprise you by answering our phones and giving you the direction you are seeking.  


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Western Investigations is a Statewide Private Detective Agency. Over the past 25 years, we’ve been able to establish a wide network of investigators throughout the state of Utah. Our office is located in Salt Lake City but we blanket the entire state. From St. George to Logan and from Vernal to Wendover, Western Investigations can handle the assignment. Our clients are billed locally because our service is local. We are familiar with the state. As Utah’s premier private investigation agency we get results.

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