Infidelity Investigations


Western Investigations specializes in infidelity or cheating spouse investigations. Although each case is unique and has its own set of circumstances, in general, our office recommends of combination of surveillance worked in conjunction with GPS tracking on the subject’s vehicle. In most cases our client will purchase a block of 15 – 20 hours and we will apply those hours to the case in 4 -5 hour increments. We work closely with the client in setting the surveillance schedule. Our office typically allows the client direct contact with the field investigator throughout the course of the investigation. The average length of an infidelity investigation is between 1 – 2 weeks. We recognize that cheating spouse investigations require a flexible approach. There are numerous variables associated with these cases. For this reason, Western Investigations, is flexible and creative in applying investigative services to the case.

Hotel Surveillance Investigations

Hotel cases are common in cities that host a lot of conventions or cities where business or vacation travelers frequent. In most cases, hotel cases are part of an infidelity investigation, however, there are other reasons for conducting surveillance at a hotel as well. Frequently, the spouse is aware that the subject will be arriving at the hotel and they suspect that their spouse may be cheating during their stay at the hotel. It is highly recommended that the client purchase a room for the surveillance investigator for Hotel Investigations. Having a hotel room at the same hotel as the subject will enable the investigator to sit for prolonged periods of time and at unusual hours without being disrupted by the hotel staff. If the investigator is able to identify the subject’s room and obtain a room on the same floor, then we will frequently attempt to set up a hotel hallway camera in order to document everyone coming and going from the subject’s room at all hours of the day and night. Surveillance is applied in as directed by the client.