Surveillance is our main area of expertise. As a private investigator in Utah, we’ve used surveillance on our cases for more than 25 years. In most cases, our clients purchase a “block” of hours – usually between 15 – 25 depending on the case. We then work closely with the client in setting the surveillance schedule. It’s important to recognize that you (the client) are in control of the surveillance schedule. This is crucial. We may be experts in surveillance and how to obtain evidence (video and photographs), but that does not make us experts on the person you are hiring us to follow. In most cases, our clients know far more about the day to day activities of the target of our surveillance assignment than we do. So, we rely on our client’s as a valuable resource in helping us establish a surveillance schedule.

In general, our client will also have a good idea when the window of opportunity exists for the subject to engage in the activity they suspect. Over the years, we have learned that we have a much higher success rate when the client provides input regarding the surveillance schedule. Having said that, there are times when our clients know nothing about the subject’s activities and have no knowledge of the any “window of opportunity”. That’s ok too. We will still make the client aware of the surveillance schedule so the client knows what’s going on.